Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Hope Reveal The Truth Before Liam Gets Transferred?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Liam Spencer was arrested after he confessed in front of Deputy Chief Baker. Moreover, he was arrested for the hit-and-run case of Vinny Walker and for covering it up.

Since then, Baker has kept him in a cell where it’s easy for people to have an interaction. And, we know Hope Logan has come to meet her husband many times. But, it seems like it might soon change as Baker sends him off to a big boy prison.

Baker Transfers Liam?

As we know, Liam is yet to be convicted so he shouldn’t be transferred so fast. However, Baker might not feel the same so this could end up really bad for Liam.

We know, Liam had given up the hope that he might get out of the prison anytime soon so that he can get back to his family. Meanwhile, Bill tried to save him by revealing he was the one behind the cover-up. But, he ended up in the prison with his son.

Nevertheless, Hope had to encourage Liam many times so that he at least stayed strong. But, that won’t stand long if Baker transfers Liam. Moreover, he might have to give up on getting back anytime soon.

Hope’s Terrified?

On the other hand, Hope might get another shocker regarding Thomas Forrester. As he has gone missing since he last promised her to be by her side always, Hope has been worried.

It would have been over by now if Thomas had given the evidence to someone else to free Liam. But, Justin Barber was the worst choice as he wants to keep the throne at Spencer Publications.

Likewise, if Hope finds Thomas after spying on Justin, she will learn the truth about Vinny Walker’s death. And, it could be devastating for her to know how Vinny jumped in front of Liam’s car just so that she could end up with Thomas.

Moreover, Liam’s freedom might not be sure even if the evidence comes out. He could end up in prison for some years for lying to the cops and covering up the accident.

Do you think Hope will be able to get through all this mess? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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