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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Steffy’s Mother Return For Her A New Grandchild?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Taylor Hayes could be returning to the town to meet her new grandchild. And, who else might be giving birth to a baby than Steffy Forrester.

As we know, Hunter Tylo portrays the role of Taylor and fans are really excited to see her. And, her return could also spice up things as John Finnegan’s parents are coming to the town as well.

Finn’s Parents Come To Town?

Likewise, Ted King will play the role of Finn’s father, Jack, while Naomi Matsuda will portray the role of mother Li. And, the spoilers suggest Li won’t be pleased to see Steffy is the wife of Finn. So, could there be a clash between Steffy’s mother and her mother-in-law?

Nevertheless, Finn loves Steffy and will definitely protect her if Li tries to hurt her. But, it will be a whole different thing if Steffy’s mother is the one protecting her.

In addition, Steffy might not know how to handle a fight but her mother is on a whole different level.

As some fans might remember, Taylor and Brooke Logan held a great rivalry in the past. So, she does know a lot about how to survive on the battlefield.

Also, Taylor can’t possibly miss her own daughter’s big day. And, fans might agree to see Taylor back even if Tylo is not the one playing the role.

Steffy’s Protector, Taylor?

We know Finn’s parents and Ridge Forrester will surely attend the delivery. So, Taylor is the only one that will be needed there. And, it will be better to have her recast than keep her missing.

Likewise, the spoilers also suggest Finn’s backstory could reveal huge secrets. And, some of the secrets might hurt Steffy really bad.

So, could her mother arrive at the right moment to save her baby girl? Let us know what you think down in the comment section.

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