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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Would Vinny Be Still Alive If Thomas Hadn’t Blocked Him?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans recently found out Vinny Walker had tried to contact his best friend the night he died. Although Thomas Forrester had blocked his phone number after all the paternity test tampering drama, he swims in guilt as his pal would have lived only if he hadn’t done so.

Likewise, the two were really good friends. However, Vinny was a drug dealer who tampered with Steffy Forrester’s paternity test. Hence, John Finnegan also ended up punching him.

However, Vinny’s sole reason was so that Thomas could be with Hope Logan. And, Thomas also realizes now that although it was a bad thing, he was still a good friend.

Nevertheless, Thomas decided to break his relationship with Vinny afterward. And, he became unreachable everywhere including his phone.

Recently, Thomas found out Vinny had sent tons of messages before getting in the accident. Also, he got shocked after finding out Liam Spencer wasn’t the one responsible for Vinny’s death.

So, we can all say Thomas is guilty of what he did to his friend.

Atkinson Talks About Thomas.

Meanwhile, Thomas’ cast Matthew Atkinson mentioned how his character feels about Vinny’s death. Moreover, he feels as if he could have saved him if he hadn’t blocked him.

In addition, Atkinson also mentioned that people blame themselves whenever they talk about someone who died in their life. And, it’s the same with Thomas who has been hit with a “massive wave of guilt”.

On the other hand, the spoilers suggest Thomas will be on his way to catch Justin Barber. And, he expects to make Justin confess his crime. And, free Bill and Liam Spencer.

However, it seems like he is getting knocked out and held captive. Also, he might be begging for his life soon if no one comes to save him.

Who do you think could come to Thomas’s rescue? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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