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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Becomes Justin’s 2nd Hostage.

The Bold and The Beautiful fans know that Wyatt Spencer has started to be suspicious of Justin Barber. Right now, Justin is having a good time with Thomas Forrester as a hostage.

But once Wyatt starts snooping around, he’ll become Justin’s hostage number two. However, Wyatt is also a little busy running thing over the Spencer Publications.

In the meantime, Thomas is already held captive by Justin over Vinny Walker’s suicide video. Justin wants to be sneaky and make himself the head of Spencer Publications. And although Wyatt notices it, he first thinks freeing Liam Spencer is the first priority.

After all, Justin is Bill Spencer’s attorney so his inactiveness is soon coming to light. Not Just Wyatt but I probably Hope Logan will notice it too at some point.

Especially now that she’s desperate to free her husband.

So the two might want to do some digging themselves. So that they find evidence against Justin’s injustice behavior. With some investigation, Wyatt is sure to find Thomas under Justin’s cage.

There, he’ll know that Justin has completely gone insane. And right when he tries to walk away and call the cops, Justin might give him a surprise scare.

Hope to be the only faith for them to unknowingly believe on.

A Long Way To Freedom.

After all, The Bold and The Beautiful is not something to give a villain so much of a hard time in the beginning.

And this also seems will be Wyatt’s time to be in the tough spot. Also, in my opinion, if Wyatt and Thomas are kept in the same place. The two might be able to connect some dots.

And see if they can free themselves. However, it won’t be that easy.

Elsewhere, the authorities, Liam, Bill, and everyone involved are unaware of the scheme Justin has plotted for the sake of power.

And if Hope comes to such evidence, she might share it with Liam so that they can think of some ways to free him first.

But Bill has the upper hand when it comes to plotting and lying, so if he finds a hunch, he might have some better ideas to surface as well.

Nevertheless, the upcoming episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful are not pretty for the characters and the viewers.

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