Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Might Catch Justin After He Gets Over His Head?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Justin Barber might need to be careful with his ongoing plan. Moreover, it seems like Wyatt Spencer has a hunch that Justin is slacking off to get Bill and Liam Spencer out of the prison.

As we know, Wyatt was the only person who found it suspicious that out of all the cars in Los Angeles, Vinny Walker jumped right in front of Bill’s car that Liam was driving. After Bill tried to cover it up, the accident turned into a murder case that got both his father and brother arrested.

Justin Became Evil?

Likewise, Justin took the opportunity when the Spencer boys who cared about business got arrested. And, he took the control of Spencer Publications and we know, Wyatt can’t handle something like that so he left it in Justin’s hand.

Nevertheless, many fans know, Justin has been Bill’s right-hand man for a long time. And if we go back to the past, we can see Justin helping Bill takedown Ridge Forrester for Brooke Logan.

In addition, Justin dealt with every illegal mess Bill created. And, we know Bill has many ill-wishers but Justin always had his back. However, Justin started despising Bill after not appreciating him enough.

Moreover, Justin couldn’t believe Bill didn’t make him co-CEO of the company. Hence, he took the throne for himself.

Wyatt Finds Out?

Likewise, the spoilers suggest Wyatt arrives and notices Justin making himself at home in Bill’s office. But, he acts like he is thankful to Justin for everything he has done. And, Justin will get over his head and smirk right in front of Wyatt.

So, Wyatt will put Justin through a test to see his loyalty. And, it seems like Wyatt will do so by bragging about how much work has befallen him after Bill got locked up.

After complaining about the company so much, Justin seems to not be able to control himself. And, he will ask Wyatt to take over the company. Although Wyatt agrees and says he has to meet Flo Fulton and leaves, he might go to Bill and reveal what Justin is up to.

Do you think Bill will just be enraged or lament it was his fault Justin turned this way? Comment what you think down below.

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