bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Sets Trap For Justin.

The Bold and The Beautiful writers are going all in with this Vinny Walker’s death situation. They’ve involved almost all of the characters directly or indirectly to the case.

While Wyatt was very worried, of course, he hadn’t been doing much. But recently, he has seen the change in Justin Barber. And it seems Wyatt figured out that Justin has some ulterior motive hidden.

Or perhaps Hope Logan will discuss about what fishy things she found about Justin. And the two will work together to set a trap.

Whatever the case, Justin might fall right into it.

Wyatt will ask to have a talk with Justin. And we will witness Wyatt chiming in about how stressed he is with the Spencer Publications.

Having to handle it alone plus all the decisions he has to make. He doesn’t want to do it anymore.

By the look of it, it seems like this is an obvious set up. Alright so, according to a new promo, Wyatt will walk in to Justin sitting in Bill Spencer’s chair.

Like he owns them. This is where the suspicions start. Moving on, Justin has already revealed all his plans to Thomas, but he can’t let Wyatt know, just yet.

However, seeing Wyatt make in such irresistible offers or should we say comment, Justin might not be able to help himself.

Revenge Hails All?

He is a smart man of course. And if he could clear his head, it’s not hard seeing through Wyatt’s trap. But his desire for power might win.

Also, seeing Wyatt talk to him about business so calmly, Justin will get some flashbacks.

One of those flashbacks contain,

“When are you finally going to realize that one way or another, the universe brings all things to Dollar Bill?!”

Unfortunately to Justin, Wyatt gets his answer, and makes his way to the prison. Which is when we see Justin say,

“paybacks a b**ch, Bill Spencer.”

It seems Justin is really trapped. Revenge got the worst and the best of Justin at this moment.

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