Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Worried For His Villainous Mother.

In soap operas, children have to always worry about their parents. This time again, Wyatt Spencer will have to worry about his mother’s stability. As we all know Quinn Fuller was the female Thomas Forrester. 

She was a villain who schemed and ruined a lot of lives. And now that her marriage is ruined and she has nothing to look forward to, Wyatt worries that his mom will fall back to what she used to be. 

Let’s not forget that Quinn was such a great villain, it did feel like a waste to keep her villainous schemes on hold.

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Quinn’s Back With Her Scheme.

To begin with, Carter Walton and Quinn are already ignoring Eric Forrester’s decree. It’s shocking how fast Carter and Quinn fell back in between the sheets.

Anyway, moving on, I know it’s not just me but all of us want to see that Quinn back. Yes, she was a villain, but she was that villain that had everything we needed.

We loved her schemes. Yes, I know, Justin Barber might be the next villain. He already is, but he doesn’t have that kick to it. Also, Justin is better off as the good guy. This doesn’t look good on him.

The whole point revolves around Wyatt’s worry. But what can we do Wyatt, than to be sorry? Because except for you, all of us want your mom to be the stab you with my mini dagger and lick your blood Quinn back.

Whatever the case, I am ready to see Quinn’s dark side. This would be perfect now because after Carter is busted again, he will have nowhere to go. And since Eric will make sure he doesn’t get a job easily, Quinn can try and tackle them using her schemes.

Just how fierce and good this watch will be. Honestly, all this Justin Barber and Villy Walker case is so boring.

I am watching the soap for Quinn and Carter’s villainous future. I just can’t wait.

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