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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe Horrified After Learning The Truth?

The Bold and The Beautiful recently showed us how Brooke Logan completely annihilated Quinn Forrester. Moreover, she revealed her secret affair with Carter Walton right during her vow renewal ceremony with Eric Forrester.

Likewise, the revelation also clears the fact that it wasn’t Shauna Fulton who was in Carter’s bed. But, it was Quinn who had an illicit hookup with him. Also, Carter’s fiancee, Zoe Buckingham also gets heartbroken after finding the truth.

Eric Divorces Quinn?

As we know, Eric is not the type who forgives and forgets. Although he did forgive Quinn for lots of things, he won’t reconsider this time. Also, he will let Quinn know that she might have to deal with a divorce soon.

Nevertheless, Eric loved Quinn as much as he could so he will be heartbroken as well. And, he might need someone to hold him. Even though Brooke might comfort him for a moment, Eric’s ex-wife, Donna Logan might return seeing the right opportunity to make things right.

Also, before the ceremony began, Quinn and Brooke had a short conversation which didn’t go so well. Moreover, Brooke threatened Quinn not to do anything that hurts Eric. Whereas, Quinn told her not to interfere in her relationship with Eric.

However, Brooke ended up destroying Quinn and Carter. Now that there’s nothing stopping the two, could they reunite? Also, could Quinn plot revenge against Brooke? Before we dive deeper, let us know what you think down in the comment section.

Zoe Leaves Town.

On the other hand, Paris Buckingham knew the truth for a long time. But, she withheld it in order to save her sister, Zoe’s heart from breaking.

Likewise, Brooke revealing the truth pushed Paris to share it with her sister as well. Moreover, she didn’t want Zoe to learn the truth from anyone else. Also, she cleared out why she wasn’t happy for her reuniting with Carter.

Therefore, Zoe will be in crumbles and as she couldn’t attend the ceremony because of a work trip. She will leave the town and start a new life in Paris. And, it will be really emotional for many fans as Zoe’s cast Kiara Barnes will be leaving the show as well.

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