bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe Leaves The Town – Kiara Exits The Show.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Brooke Logan bombarded Eric and Quinn Forrester’s vow renewal ceremony revealing Quinn and Carter Walton’s secret.

As much as Quinn is done for, we can’t forget about Carter and Zoe Buckingham. And, the spoilers suggest Zoe will be taking a one-way flight to Paris.

Likewise, the secret about Quinn and Carter was meant to be taken to the grave. Moreover, it would have destroyed Quinn’s relationship with Eric and Carter’s with Zoe in a second. However, things turned out this way nevertheless.

In addition, Zoe will start a new life without any of Carter’s drama in it while actress Kiara Barnes will exit the show.

Although Zoe couldn’t attend Quinn and Eric’s vow renewal ceremony because of a work trip, she was planning to return home to Carter. However, she will find the truth and won’t be able to return.

Paris Reveals To Zoe.

Moreover, Paris Buckingham is worried if Zoe finds out what happened in the ceremony. Also, it will be heartbreaking for her if she finds out Carter confessed. So, Paris wants to tell her sister everything she needs to know.

Likewise, Paris will call Zoe before taking the flight for the trip and say it’s urgent. Although Zoe will be shocked, she will come to talk.

Therefore, Paris will reveal everything starting from why she had been acting weirdly. And, she will also say why she wasn’t happy for Zoe and Carter. Also, she will mention that she held the truth back to not her.

In addition, Paris will apologize to Zoe for withholding the truth from her.

Nevertheless, Zoe will be in crumbles and will think that Carter isn’t the man of her life. So, she will leave the town leaving fans really emotional. Also, fans might be sad as Kiara is leaving the show as well.

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