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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zende’s Cast Delon After Walton’s Cast Lawrence Shirtless Selfie!

Recently, The Bold and The Beautiful fans have been going crazy about Delon de Metz admiring co-star Lawrence Saint-Victor’s body with a cheeky Instagram post.

As many fans know, Lawrence is a fitness freak with a great body. And, Delon on the other hand is a ravishing individual. And, it seems like The Bold and The Beautiful’s celebrity known for his good looks might as well give credits to Lawrence for what he deserves.

On April 30, Lawrence had posted a shirtless mirror selfie and made a joke that he doesn’t know what Carter is doing. And, the fans should tell him that Lawrence wants to eat carbs again.

Another Hundred Years To Catch Up?

Zende Forrester Dominguez’s cast, Delon posted a picture with a similar idea just like Carter Walton’s cast on Instagram with the following caption.

“Gimme another hundred years or so, and I’ll catch up to @Isaintvic.”

Likewise, The Bold and The Beautiful fans can’t agree more as we know Lawrence is someone you can’t just walk past without looking at.

Nevertheless, Delon’s June 11 Instagram post has made the fans know how good are the CBS soap operas’ casts. It’s a good energy that fans can pick up from them to become better.

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