Kate Middleton Interacts With Neuroscience Students As The Christmas Special Gets Hosted On ITV.

ITV viewers better get ready for huge excitement as it seems like the royals will be hosting their first televised TV concert. Although the show was first planned to air on BBC, the first part of the documentary turned out controversial.

Moreover, Prince Willaim was set in competition with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So, the show will be airing on the alternative British channel instead. And, we also have much to talk about Kate Middleton’s special school visit.

From BBC To ITV.

Starting with the show, the format has been completely changed and the Duchess of Cambridge will be leading. As we talked about before, the show airing on ITV is a really big blow to BBC.

As BBC has been the royals’ go-to channel for their programming. But changing it to ITV after the first part of The Princes and the Press aired on BBC will be huge. And, fans can expect the second part to air on November 29.

Likewise, BBC has been issued a joint statement by Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace. The report also mentions how democracy requires a free and open press. However, unfounded claims from unnamed sources were presented as facts.

Furthermore, BBC credited them which was really disappointing. And, it seems like the royals are upset about it and haven’t watched it.

Hence, Middleton will be hosting the Christmas carol concert live from Westminster Abbey. And, Prince Willaim will be cheering for her.

Middleton’s School Visit.

Talking about which, Middleton also took the next step in her work on behalf of young children. Moreover, she visited a school in London and interacted with the students learning about neuroscience.

Likewise, Middleton also joined a lesson built on research from Oxford University’s department of psychiatry. And, the lesson revolved around the importance of early childhood development on the brain.

In addition, Middleton was impressed by the students. And, she also mentioned how she found all of this really interesting. Also, she shared what her passion was as she loved learning about brain development in babies.

If you don’t know, the Duchess of Cambridge also launched the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. And, its mission is to help kids and parents which she wanted to speculate herself.

Furthermore, the headteacher of the school, Louise Voden also mentioned how surprised she was when Middleton actually joined in for a lesson.

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