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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoiler: Ridge Begs To Brooke- Bill Punches Him For Betrayal.

Once the secret is out, the tables around Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester will turn over completely.

Brooke has been trying to explain herself for a long time, it’s almost a year now, and Ridge refuses to listen.

One thing after another kept on adding to Ridge and Brooke’s plate, but the situation would have been handled a lot well if Ridge had just tried a little bit.

But we aren’t here to point fingers.

So, as things move forward, Ridge will figure out Thomas Forrester was the reason Brooke was not open to him.

And the betrayal he felt was never even there.

Not to mention he will not be able to stay away from either of the women.

He will still be with Taylor Hayes while he keeps on thinking about Brooke Logan.

And finally, something will fall in his head or something that will ake him say, “what am I doing here?”

And then, that man will make his way to Brooke and beg for forgiveness.

We all know how this goes, right?

Ridge will be up on Brooke’s alley.

That woman has no self-esteem so she will take him back right away.

But things might be a little different this time around.

Bill’s Admission.

Bill Spencer may not want to see Brooke Logan in such a condition.

He’s been fine with whatever decision Brooke has made over the years.

But we have to be honest here, he is so close to winning Brooke’s heart.

And not to mention that man will be furious when he figures out what actually had happened.

Things are going to be extremely serious.

Bill may warn Ridge to stay away once or twice; too bad he can’t throw the money all over like he did with Deacon Sharpe.

Speaking of Deacon, he’s lost in this equation.

Whatever the case, Bill might not tolerate Ridge’s company.

He doesn’t want Ridge near Brooke and he’ll be clear about that.

He may claim that Ridge ha no right towards Brooke anymore and now he is doing what Ridge should have done, protecting Brooke.

We all know their rivalry goes way back.

So in the process, Bill may throw a punch on Ridge’s face and then a fight breaks.

What do you think about the situation?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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