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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Discovers Thomas’ Secret- Saves Hope From A Disaster.

Let me start by asking you a question, are you ready to see Bill Spencer save the day yet again?

Moreover, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Bill could put a stop to Thomas Forrester’s shenanigans.

In fact, he could start off by discovering Thomas’ CPS call secret.

Since Ridge Forrester investigated the CPS call by asking an agent, Bill could do the same if not better.

Nevertheless, Bill could end up busting one of Thomas’ evil plans he had been plotting against Hope Logan.

So before we dive deeper, do you think Bill can takedown Thomas before he harms anyone?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Bill Investigates Thomas.

Getting into the spoilers, Bill has promised Brooke Logan that he will take care of Hope, as she is someone significant to her.

And although Thomas has done nothing for the moment, Bill, Brooke, and Liam Spencer know that he is a ticking bomb.

In addition, they know Hope is too naive to notice Thomas’ evil obsession and let his actions slide.

Hence, Bill is going to be dead set on exposing Thomas.

And as we mentioned before, Ridge found out about the CPS call by asking an agent in secret.

And let’s not forget that Bill is as powerful as him if not more and he can pull lots of strings if he wants first on someone.

Likewise, upon investigation, he may find out about the mannequin that is still sitting in Thomas’ office and not to mention the CPS call.

Thomas Kidnaps Hope.

In the same way, whether or not Bill figures out the call was made by Thomas, he might find some proof of his growing obsession with Hope.

Speaking of which, Thomas saw a flashback of him calling the CPS and talking to himself about how it worked.

Similarly, the guy also had a sinister look on his face while he thought about trying to kiss Hope assuming it was now their time but she declined.

Well, that only makes us believe that the guy has a new evil plan for Hope.

Perhaps he could be thinking about kidnapping her as he was trying to do the last time.

And, that could be the exact moment for Bill to come to the rescue and stop Thomas from harming Hope just like he busted Sheila Carter a while back.

Certainly, it’s going to be exciting to see him bust two of the biggest villains in such a small period.

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