The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Helps Liam With Deacon’s Situation In Hope’s Life.

The last person Hope Logan wants to get involved in Deacon Sharpe’s situation is Bill Spencer. But, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Bill could soon help Liam Spencer to get rid of the villain.

As all of Liam’s attempt at getting rid of Deacon has failed, he will have no other option than to rely on his dad and the boss of all. So before we dive deeper, do you think Bill’s allegiance could scare away Deacon? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers, shall we?

Deacon’s Drama Mess.

Liam has been troubled ever since Deacon returned. Especially, he doesn’t trust the man who tried to break his relationship before and spent his time in jail till now. But, his wife feels completely different as she’s willing to do anything to invite Deacon back into the family.

Nevertheless, the only thing Brooke Logan cares about is her daughter’s happiness. And if that means, she will have to accept her villain of an ex-husband, she will do so willingly.

Likewise, Hope feels empowered because of her mother. And, not even Ridge Forrester himself has been able to stop the ladies. So, Liam fears even more as Brooke and Deacon could rekindle their old flame.

Liam is willing to do anything to get rid of Deacon unless his marriage gets destroyed. So, what better option than to use Bill’s help?

Bill’s Suggestion.

As we know, Bill is as strong as the Forresters and he doesn’t hesitate to use underhanded tricks. And soon, Liam will open up to his father about what’s troubling him so much. Although Bill does have his own marriage issues with Katie Logan, he will still guide his son.

Nonetheless, Liam also won’t want Bill to meddle with his marriage too much. Firstly, he will only ask for guidance from his father. And, that definitely won’t work as who is he even asking advice from?

However, Bill could still provide a good suggestion as he doesn’t want his son to get hurt. Moreover, he will advise Liam to hold onto Hope despite Deacon getting in. Because it will still be better than standing on his ground and losing Hope.

Sooner or later, Liam will need Bill’s direct help on getting rid of Deacon. But, fans need to wait before any of that happens.

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