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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s A Toxic Man- Brooke’s His Prize and Nothing More.

We keep on talking about how horrible Ridge Forrester is.

How Ridge is always waffling around breaking Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes’ hearts over and over again.

But we keep forgetting that Bill Spencer is no different.

Okay, I agree that in some level, Ridge might still be far worse than what Bill is.

But we’ve applauded Bill for coming to Brooke when she needs someone the most.

And that is very sweet of him but not ver rational.

Given their history, Bill should know better.

Yes we understand that the both of them are single but when it comes to the matter of families, sometimes, things go beyond.

Meaning, he’s just recently told Katie Logan how she made him a better one.

And how much he loves her and wants her back.

He practically begged for one more chance.

Nonetheless, if he really did love Katie so much, he couldn’t stick his nose on Brooke’s love life.

So much as to warning Deacon Sharpe to stay away because she is his.

I mean common, how can you tell someone you love her and the right moment when her sister is single you tell her he’s the one for her.

Katie’s Hardship.

You know, Katie did not get the love and respect she deserved form Bill.

She knew he would go back to Brooke the instance he saw an opening.

And not to mention, her doubts have been more than clear at this point.

The bottom line is, it has nothing to do with Katie choosing Carter Walton or Bill and Brooke being single.

Not just to Katie, Bill has said things like how he should have never hurt Katie and all to Donna Logan and Brooke as well.

So this always means Bill was using Katie as his consolation prize just like how Ridge Forrester uses Taylor Hayes as his.

In the same way, Brooke has always been the prize.

None of the two men really love her.

She just seems to be some kind of prize in their wicked world.

Anyway, the bottom line is Bill is to that great either.

Even if he is truly in love with Brooke, he has tried using Katie for his benefit over and over again.

So, what do you feel about Bill?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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