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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Bitter Sweet Wedding Prep Starts- Father Son Bond Deepens.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes’ wedding is nearing.

And spoilers suggest the big day will bring some father-son and mother-daughter bonding.

Further, Steffy Forrester will be excited to take on the important matron of honor duties.

Whereas Ridge would just like to sit with his son, Thomas Forrester, and appreciate life.

Well, little do they know their entire world is bound to turn upside down.

Not to mention, the higher they fly the harder they are bound to crash.

So, it’s going to be an amusing week full of drama once the wedding day is all set and ready.

Ridge’s Delusion.

It’s amazing how nothing has gone down despite Ridge revealing the truth about why he dumped Brooke Logan.

As much as Thomas deserves punishment for messing with Bridge’s marriage, Ridge will reward him with a good time instead.

In fact, Thomas will even do the honor of being Ridge’s best man.

On the other hand, it’s working totally opposite for Douglas Forrester as he’s aware of his father’s deception.

Nevertheless, Ridge will be proud of a son who keeps lying on his face and keep him in the dark.

Also, let’s not forget Thomas has even been lying to his sister with whom he has worked to bring their parents together.

Temporary Happiness.

Speaking of which, Steffy will put the doubts regarding Tridge aside for now and focus on the big day instead.

For instance, she will stay updated regarding her mother’s necessities and help her get ready.

In addition, Steffy will gush about how gorgeous her mother looks and the wedding ought to be beautiful.

Nonetheless, we all know this is temporary, as everything is bound to crash once Thomas’ truth gets revealed.

Tridge’s wedding is only happening because Ridge felt betrayed by the CPS call.

So, when the truth comes out that his son was behind it, he will surely fall back on Brooke, leaving Taylor heartbroken.

Similarly, Douglas is a kid but his father’s activities will fill him with guilt and anger.

Consequently, Thomas will pay for everything he’s done till now.

Well, do you think Ridge and Taylor will at least get to walk down the aisle before their world collapses?

Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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