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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Bone Marrow Trouble Brings Hayes’ Paternity To Question.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers is a junction for paternity drama.

Any kind of drama that we think is over might not be actually over, and we wouldn’t even know it.

That being said, I think it is time Steffy Forrester goes though another of her tough battles.

After John Finnegan and Steffy were shot in the alley, we haven’t gotten a storyline for Steffy so this might be it.

But first, there are other things that need to get resolved but perhaps a paternity battle is right around the corner.

Steffy and Finn love Hayes Finnegan, that is for sure.

And when Steffy was conflicted about the paternity, Finn wasn’t that happy about Steffy sleeping with Liam as well.

But, both Hope Logan and Finn have forgiven their spouses, yet if it turns out that Liam was the real father, what happens then?

We know that it was Vinny Walker who apparently changed the paternity so that Thomas could be with Hope.

But in the end, Thomas made it right.

All A Scheme.

Now, talking about villains in the show, we know that the viewers are notified as the plot begins about who the culprit is.

But sometimes, some kind of suspense is well needed for the viewers as well.

That being said, might Thomas had ever actually spiraled out of his obsession towards Hope?

And he played the righteous man card by tampering with the paternity test and setting all that video by Vinny carp so that Hope sees him as a changed man.

Might this have been his plan the whole time?

Sneaking up in Hope’s life slowly without giving anyone any kind of hint?

Not to mention, it may always be that the hospital made some kind of error, it happens rarely but it is not impossible.

So, perhaps Hayes Finnegan will get some serious illness and slowly he will be needing a bone marrow transplant.

And to everyone’s surprise, Finn can’t be the donor, looking future into it, it gets revealed that Finn was never Hayes’ father.

It was infact, Liam but Thomas made sure that secret never came out, or perhaps it was an honest mistake.

It would certainly be a shocking drama to watch but it would also finally be something fun to watch in B&B.

What do you say?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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