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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Runs For Her Life- Discovers Sheila Without A Mask.

Brooke Logan’s worries seem to be far from over.

That woman has suffered a lot since Sheila Carter came back a year ago.

On New Year’s Eve, Sheila thought it would be the best if she just exchanged  Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne to the real deal, she’d have the best revenge of all time.

Not going to lie though, what Sheila did has ruined everything for Brooke.

Ever since then, her marriage hasn’t been the same and now, Ridge is filling for an annulment.

But soon the woman will walk into even a greater disaster after she runs in on Sheila Carter, the evil mad woman.

Brooke’s Final Encounter.

Broke has a lot on her mind recently and very few“ people to talk to.

It is always possible that she tries to talk to Deacon Sharpe about how his days are going or just about how her’s been doing on.

You know the possibilities are endless.

Perhaps Deacon leaves something behind at Hope Logan’s and somehow Brooke ends up giving it back to him.

Nonetheless, by some reason, we may witness Brooke walking into one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Brooke has no idea that Deacon has hidden Sheila with him in his apartment.

Not to mention, she doesn’t even know Sheila is avilve, they all believe that woman is dead due to one toe.

That being said, while Brooke steps in, she may witness Sheila right there sitting on the couch.

Let’s not forget that the cast of The Bold and The Beautiful are actual;y really bad at knocking.

So as Brooke enters, she sees Sheila welcoming her with her nine toes.

And the first thing Brooke does is get shocked of course.

And then it will slowly lead to a confrontation.

But let’s not forget that Sheila was ready to stab Hope Logan when she had arrived some weeks earlier.

Both Sheila and Hope were lucky then but Brooke might not be as lucky.

The poor woman might have to start running for her life after Sheila starts dragging her trying to take her life for seeing her face.

Whatever the case, if Brooke really witnesses Sheila’s bare face in that room, she is in for a big surprise.

And in for big trouble.

Whatever the case, let us know what y9ou feel down in the comments section.

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