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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke’s Shocking Theory- Hope Sheilds Thomas.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Ridge Forrester has been withholding the reason he ended his marriage with Brooke Logan.

However, Ridge’s latest mention of Thomas Forrester being a factor in it could be a game changer.

For instance, Brooke could dwell on the connection between Thomas and her breakup.

Consequently, it might not take her much time to figure out that Ridge still believes she called the CPS despite her strong denial.

Likewise, Brooke could suspect Thomas for the CPS call, as her marriage ended right after that.

Not to mention, spoilers also suggest it could be too late by then, as Thomas’ obsession gets worse.

Thomas In Trouble.

Certainly, Ridge believes it’s all Brooke’s fault for the gap that exists between her and Thomas.

And seeing Thomas’ dislike for Brooke, Ridge also doesn’t want to share the fact that his son showed him the call recording.

Nevertheless, Ridge has done it now and Brooke is on her way to coming up with a new theory.

That is, she could blame Thomas for making Ridge believe it was her who called the CPS.

Since Brooke has seen Thomas get closer to Hope Logan recently, she might also figure out his intentions.

Well, Brooke is wary of Thomas’ ability to manipulate the worst situations.

So, she might be able to join the dots and have a good idea of why her marriage was suddenly disrupted.

Hope Defends Thomas.

Thomas, on the other hand, will be in trouble if Brooke does manage to bring out the truth.

Hence, besides his fixation to win Hope, he will also get fixated on eliminating Brooke entirely.

The annulment papers are ready to move so Thomas will focus on keeping the truth under wraps.

Speaking of which, Brooke might also want to give a heads-up to Hope regarding her theory.

But as always, Hope might rush to Thomas’ defense despite the secret kiss attempt he made not long ago.

Nonetheless, spoilers suggest Thomas could soon start working on his second plan.

Perhaps the guy will use the voice-changing app again to plot against Brooke and make Ridge do more than just end their marriage.

Well, how long do you think can Thomas manage to keep his secret?

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