The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Falls For Paris As He Says How Glad He Is For Zende.

Oh, The Bold and The Beautiful fans better prepare themselves for some critical thinking. Because today, we will be looking at the conversations that took place during the Thanksgiving party.

Moreover, the relationship between Zende Forrester and Paris Buckingham is getting messier. So before we dive deeper, do you think Paris will stay committed to Zende despite Thomas Forrester’s approach? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Paris Makes It Clear.

Starting with some hot Turkey dinner at the table, Carter Walton was also invited this year. And if you remember the last Thanksgiving, Zende had turned Zoe Buckingham down as he is a good friend of Carter.

Now, it’s Carter’s turn to take care of the business as Zende’s girlfriend is on the line. And, he talked about a lot of stuff with Zende during the party.

In addition, Zende talked about how his previous marriage hadn’t worked out. But, he has been looking forward to his future with Paris. And, Carter is glad he found the woman of his life.

Likewise, soaps usually confuse the viewers when a love triangle starts. When two people for the same person, the person acts like they don’t know who they want. But, it was different with Paris as she clearly showed she wanted Zende.

Hence, fans have been excited to see how things are going. Still, Thomas might not give up on his love anytime soon. Perhaps, his evil side could return as things remain.

No Regrets?

Nevertheless, Thomas made the move he thought was right. Instead of never saying anything, he just went for Paris and got rejected. Well, we can all agree that it was healthy putting aside the fact he’s hitting on his cousin’s girlfriend.

Moreover, Thomas mentioned its time he moved out. So, it’s possible he will get a hotel for himself. Or, he could just move to the Forresters’ guesthouse.

Meanwhile, the fact that Paris has asked for advice from Carter is unbelievable. It won’t be long before he starts eyeing her. But, let’s hope that doesn’t happen so that Zende and Paris work out well.

If Carter does fall for Paris, the fans could get frustrated as everyone just randomly started getting attracted towards her.

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