The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Proves His Innocence As Brooke Blows Up.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Deacon Sharpe will prove to be a huge threat for Ridge Forrester. Fans knew Deacon would shake Ridge’s relationship with Brooke Forrester. But, the spoilers suggest Bridge could break anytime soon.

Likewise, Deacon will be drinking with his trusty mate, Sheila Carter. And while Ridge focuses on living his life to the fullest, Deacon will dream of better days.

So before we dive deeper, do you think Bridge will be able to take the hard hit from Deacon? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Sheila Disappointed.

As the fans know, Ridge and Brooke were the hosts for this year’s Thanksgiving party. While they invited all their children, family, and friends, they made sure the villains weren’t lurking around.

Furthermore, Ridge showed his gratitude for everyone who made the party a success. And, you might be wondering where the grandchildren were. Well, Ridge threw all of them in Amelia’s arms like she doesn’t need holidays.

Nevertheless, the villains were in their own league as they just lamented their past. Deacon just wanted to reunite with his family. Whereas, Sheila complained how Steffy Forrester has been so problematic.

Likewise, Sheila thought they would be invited despite being hated. But turns out, they will never be part of the family.

Hence, the villains’ dreams are getting nowhere and it will take much time before anything happens.

Bridge Breaks?

Nonetheless, Ridge will soon confront Deacon for making his life more difficult. He could point out how things were better before he arrived. But now, he has been having issues with Brooke and Hope Logan.

However, Deacon won’t stay quiet either and could hit back with words. He will want to make it clear that he just wants to reunite with his daughter. And, he doesn’t have any business with Ridge and Brooke’s relationship.

Consequently, this could prove really frustrating for Brooke. So, she could blow up anytime and destroy her relationship with Ridge.

Perhaps Brooke will say she neither wants to be with Ridge nor Deacon. And, the only thing she cares about is Hope’s state. No matter what, she won’t want her daughter to get hurt while all this goes on.

Also, Taylor Hayes is bound to return sometime and kick Brooke out of Ridge’s life. So, things are just starting to get interesting.

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