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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Turns Sheila In- Dubious Date Makes Him Rich.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Deacon Sharpe is in need of money, a huge amount of money.

And as we saw at the last moment of his dinner date with Sheila Carter, both of them had sinister looks on their faces.

Certainly, Sheila’s look suggests the woman is still not down with trying to reunite with John and Hayes Finnegan.

But, the same can’t be said for Deacon, as he might be planning something entirely different.

In fact, spoilers suggest he could be planning to get his hands on Sheila’s money and shut her off in prison.

Well, let’s see if that actually happens or not, shall we?

Dinner Date Twist.

Starting with the dinner date, it seemed as if Deacon was actually enjoying spending time with the mad woman.

Not to mention, he spent hours planning it at Il Giardino.

Likewise, it was quite a shocker when all of a sudden both Sheila and Deacon had menacing looks on their faces and were a little concerned.

Nevertheless, much of Sheila’s plans have been about getting closer to Finn and Hayes.

Consequently, she might also be planning to hurt Steffy Forrester and her family, who have been a huge obstacle in her life.

But, what about Deacon? Was the dinner date all just a scheme?

Before diving deeper, comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Deacon Turns The Tables.

Now moving toward Deacon’s perspective, the dinner date could have been one last time of fresh air for Sheila, as he could be planning to turn her in.

Moreover, his main objective could be to get his hands on Sheila’s money by making her throw her guard down.

Afterward, the guy could use the money to leave the small hole he’s living in and even win Brooke Logan.

Above all, he knows his feelings for Brooke are already a problem for Sheila, as she subtly threatened him during Halloween.

So, maybe the dinner date was nothing more but a parting gift before he slams Sheila in the prison.

Certainly, it will be really amusing to see whether Deacon outsmarts one of the smartest villains in the show.

Also, seeing Deacon rise to the top could satisfy many fans.

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