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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Does Ridge Really Love Taylor?

You know Ridge Forrester really is not a man to be trusted.

He has no concern day dreaming about his soon-to-be ex-wife.

But well, okay, looking at Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester’s Hope For The Future might have triggered his sweet memories with Brooke back in time.

Nonetheless, all the things Ridge does makes us wonder if he is really in love with Taylor Hayes and he is with her because he really wants to.

If you don’t understand, the first thing is, Ridge shouldn’t be waiting for Brooke to confess her crimes if he has really moved on.

I mean common, why would you act as if you are keeping a secret before getting an annulment, you’d say the exact mistakes your partner made if they act oblivious right?

In the same way, Ridge went to Taylor only because he felt betrayed.

I honestly feel bad for Taylor, I really do.

I mean all she wanted was love and faith from Ridge.

But he keeps on disappointing hefr because he is always going back to Brooke.

And it honestly is no one’s fault but Ridge’s.

However, with countless encounters as such, it is safe to say that Ridge has never chosen Taylor because his heart told him she is the one he loves.

The kiss back in Monaco was because he saw Deacon Sharpe’s picture with Brooke.

It wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t see it and was petty enough.

But everything Ridge does when it comes to Brooke is out of jealousy and we all that it is true.

So, what is his real problem?

If he is that jealous and possessive, he should get help.

I mean how many of you are willing to go back to your ex because your partner just talked to theirs?

And of course, this time it is different.

This time, Ridge feels betrayed not because of just jealousy but because he felt berayed because he heard that call to CPS by Brooke Logan.

Yet, the bottom line still remains that Taylor is just his rebound when he feels betrayed by his wife.

And then he tosses her and gets back together with Brooke after the conflict is solved.

So my conclusion definitely is that Ridge doesn’t love Taylor.

But still, my heart goes out for both of the ladies, Brooke and Taylor.

Anyway, let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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