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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Donna and Eric’s Conflict- Eric Says No To Marriage.

Donna Logan and Eric Forrester haven’t been seen much in The Bold and The Beautiful these days.

They are seen here and there, but their own storyline is not in yet.

Not to mention, it ha been some time since Donna and her honey bear got back together but they haven’t had any kind of conflict yet.

It is very unlikely in a soap opera, how can a couple move forward without a hurdle?

That being said, might it be that Deric’s hurdle is finally about to start?

Donna’s Dismay.

As we know, Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes are about to have a quick wedding.

So, Donna may think that Eric and her should have a wedding as well and perhaps have a beautiful honeymoon somewhere in the Carebian or some place else.

To Donna’s surprise, Eric may not want to get married at all.

Eric may argue that he loves Donna and that is enough to show his and her love to one another.

Donna may think that wedding is not just a sacred bond between two lovers, it is also something Eric and Donna need after all these years.

And given that how their affair is what made them start again.

But we all know that Eric’s getting old.

And Eric may think so himself.

Given his age he might not feel like a wedding is appropriate.

We know that age has never stopped Eric from kissing Donna in a tennis skirt which made her look like a schoolgirl.

But a wedding might be a big deal for the man.

Donna only wants to see a possibility for a wedding for the tome being, so Eric could always lie until he could not anymore but he won’t do that.

So, Donna may be very conflicted about Eric’s feelings toward her.

We all know that weddings are not big of a deal in a soap opera, but in real life, it is something that both partners are very excited about if they are in love.

So, Donna’s going to be distant from Eric because of his adamant behavior against marriage.

Who knows, Eric might be planning something to surprise Donna but by that time, Eric’s prank might have gone too far.

Regardless, Donna knows Eric loves her but she may sti;ll be extremely conflicted due to a lot of reasons.

So, Eric and Donna may get into a huge fight in the aftermath.

Let us know what your think down in the comments section.

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