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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Douglas or Carter, Who Will Reveal Thomas’ Truth and When?

Certainly, there’s always a point in The Bold and The Beautiful where we all know the truth is getting revealed.

However, the more important thing is how it will get revealed and who will pull the curtains.

Similarly, spoilers suggest Douglas Forrester already knows the crimes of his father Thomas Forrester.

But instead of the little kid, it could be Carter Walton who reveals Thomas’ truth right during Tridge’s wedding.

Also, even if the truth doesn’t come out before the wedding, it’s possible it could take place sometime after.

Well, let’s dive right into the spoilers and see what we have in the story today.

Thomas’ Truth Exposed.

Getting into the spoilers, Thomas has been very rough with Douglas in the past couple of episodes.

In fact, he has even threatened his own son to not speak of the voice-changing app or anything else.

As a result, Thomas has made the kid bear responsibility for his grandparents’ marriage.

Certainly, Douglas will listen to his father despite refusing to delete the app at first.

But, Steffy Forrester, on the other hand, could fume over Thomas for treating his kid harshly.

Likewise, while Steffy is yelling at her brother, Carter may overhear the conversation and learn about the voice changer.

Also, since Carter is a smart guy, it might not take long for him to join the dots and figure out the truth.

Douglas Helps Carter.

Nevertheless, spoiler pics indicate that the wedding will be in the process but Steffy, including Carter, doesn’t look much happy about it.

Well, that only points out one thing and that is, Carter can’t officiate the wedding knowing the truth.

So when he stands there asking if anyone objects to the marriage, he could do so himself.

Nonetheless, Douglas could also be a huge help for Carter to reveal the truth.

Even if neither one of them do so before the wedding, it’s possible it could happen after some time.

Consequently, Ridge Forrester and Talor Hayes could feel devastated once everything is done and said.

In addition, Steffy will have a very hard time accepting the truth.

So, who do you think will reveal the truth and how?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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