The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope and Steffy Disturb Taylor and Brooke's Celebration.

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope and Steffy Disturb Taylor and Brooke’s Celebration.

The Logans and The Forresters have always been kind of estranged from the beginning.

There’s always some kind of conflict going on when it comes to these two families, but might it be time to finally settle everything down?

According to The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers, Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan will be witnessing some kind of shocking celebration.

And when it involves the two of them, all we can think about is their mothers.

Of course, not just the mothers but also the ever-lasting love triangles of the two mothers with Ridge Forrester.

Nonetheless, if HJope and Steffy are the ones who will witness something together, then it means that the celebration certainly has to do something with Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor.

Or else why would it be such a big deal, the two of them walking in on someone else smooching or something?

Nonetheless, without beating around the bush any longer, let me elaborate on what seems to be occurring.


Final Decision.

Recently, Brooke asked Ridge to take some time off and find his true intentions.

In the same way, Taylor Hayes made her way to someplace to get her head straight after the big bombshell at her wedding.

Brooke’s clear that she doesn’t want to be Ridge’s doormat anymore, and if he is not going to set himself straight, then that might be the end of Bridge and their so-called destiny.

At the same time, after years and years of humiliation, I don’t think Taylor will still want to be with Ridge anymore.

She went on a small vacation to find herself, and I wouldn’t say she made any progress if she started fighting with Brooke again for Ridge’s love.

The bottom line is he doesn’t deserve it.

So that being said, it is possible for Hope and Steffy to walk in on Brooke and Taylor’s conversation.

And when they see their moms together, it might be nothing like what they expected it to be.

In fact, Brooke and Taylor may be celebrating their independence and saying no to a man who treats them like doormats every time he sees them.

For the first time in forever, Taylor and Brooke may be celebrating choosing themselves over a man.

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