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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Invites Thomas For Trouble- Puts Herself In Danger.

We all can agree that Hope Logan should not let her guard down this easy.

She seems so comfortable and relaxed with Thomas Forrester which is why he went on for that kiss, minus the fact that the man is niuts.

But it doesn’t help how Hope just keeps on forgiving Thomas as if the mistake he is making isn’t big enough.

I mean what is she even thinking?

Hope should have been more strict and told Thomas that what he did was absolutely wrong.

Nonetheless, now that Hope has forgiven Thomas once again without giving it any thoughts, she should know that she is in for a big surprise.


Thomas is an obsessed man who will take a no as a yes, and Hope being too easy on him is just a loophole for that man.

Not to mention not keeping her distance from him and keeping that secret to herself.

All of this simply means Hope is inviting trouble for herself and she might not get out of one so easily.

That being said, Thomas’ obsession is going nowhere.

In fact, it will keep on growing until he has someone to stop him.

That would all be possible if Hope did all the right things but this time, she is doing all the wrong.

Just because Thomas wants to be a good father for Douglas doesn’t mean he is a changed man.

Hope is certainly going to put herself in a grave danger due to this.

And if not her, the people she loves are going to be in danger and really I have to admit, it will be partly Hope’s fault not just Thomas’.

She should have listened to her mom and husband.

With that in mind, what do you think will Thomas do in the future?

Will Hope’s forgiveness have Thomas wrapped up in his little fantasy?

According to the spoilers, Thomas’ CPS call will be revealed only in Feburary of 2023.

So, until then, it is going to be house of horrors for Hope and her family.

All because Hope refused to see Thomas for who he is.

Anyway, until then, you sit back and relax.

Also, let us know what you think happens further with Thomas and Hope.

Write your concerns down in the comments section.

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