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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Struggles With Truth- Brooke Grills Ridge.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 10 reveal that Hope Logan will be put even more in struggle as she can’t keep Thomas Forrester’s secret to herself.

Likewise, as Hope fights to not reveal the truth, Brooke Logan fights to find out the truth behind Ridge Forrester’s change of heart.

She will reach to an unhealthy breaking point.

Starting with Hope, we know that she is the goody shoes of the show, we rarely see her do anything wrong.

She has been in love with Liam Spencer ever since we’ve known it.

Likewise, she has never had to keep such a secret from her husband which is going to be very hard for Hope to maintain.

Liam may feel as if Hope is pushing him away but in reality she will just be very bothered by the fact that Thomas tried kissing her and she is keeping it a secret.

Hope knows that Liam hates Thomas and he would not blame her for what happened, but she also doesn’t want any consequence or violence against the two men.

At the same time, Hope still feels that Thomas is trying to change and if she rats him out, his efforts will go down the drain so everything will be very hard for her to fathom.

Desperate Plea.

Now, moving on to Brooke, she will try her best to see what Ridge has to offer her.

He just can’t bring in the annulment papers and not tell her what on earth is wrong.

She may feel like she has nothing to lose now so why not grill Ridge and find the reason why he’s stripped her of all the happiness in the world?

Ridge on the other hand will have no intention of letting Brooke know what exactly went wrong in their marriage.

Rather he will leave some words of compassion for Brooke and tell her that he is always going to be there for her.

Sometime in between Brooke may finally realize that Ridge believes she called CPS on Thomas.

And so, she will demand to know why Ridge is so hell-bent on defying her even after she told him she didn’t do it.

But, the spoilers reveal Brooke will not have it easier anytime soon, so she will still have to deal with a lot of emotions for the time being.

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