The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Is It Jack Who Just Wanted To Cheat Or Li Who Was Too Busy?

It seems like The Bold and The Beautiful fans have been going crazy about the fact that Jack Finnegan revealed the truth. And, he also said many things that collide with the past storylines. So today, we will be looking at it and many more.

It was all Sheila Carter’s plan all along as she knew the truth about Jack. So before we dive deeper, do you think Jack should be forgiven despite making such a huge mistake in the past? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Jack Confesses.

As the fans know, Jack is John Finnegan’s biological father. And, Li Finnegan was tricked into adopting the kid who belonged to Jack and Sheila.

Likewise, Jack recently mentioned having an affair with Sheila in the past due to several reasons. Moreover, he said he did so because he was young and terrified of being a responsible adult.

However, when Jack and Li arrived in Los Angeles, they mentioned not bearing any children because Li had been too busy with work. So instead, the two adopted Finn and created a new family.

Hence, fans are confused about which one of them is true if Jack just wanted to mingle with someone else. Or, was Li really busy with her work that she couldn’t conceive a child of her own.

Nevertheless, more storylines will be popping up soon regarding Jack as Sheila will be making new moves to gain a permanent place in Finn’s life.

Storyline Loopholes?

When it comes to soaps such as The Bold and The Beautiful which have been running for more than three decades, loopholes can’t be avoided easily. And perhaps that is why Jack’s storyline is filled with loopholes.

We don’t exactly know when Jack had an affair with Sheila. Or, the time Sheila got pregnant and gave birth to Finn. Since she has been running away from criminal charges, we can’t be sure of the exact time.

Nonetheless, fans believe Li was really young when Finn was born. And she didn’t know how to manage her time being a surgeon. Whereas, Jack too was young and afraid of growing up.

So, it’s possible the two things collided at the same time. And, he had to feed lies to Li in order to adopt his own child. So, the fans could be confused whether it is Jack or Li who is more responsible.

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