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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Logan Father’s Return- Brooke Leaves LA With Dad.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers say that Stephen Logan is returning to the soap series.

Patrick Duffy who portrays Stephen in B&B will be seen on screen with his real-life partner as his soap girlfriend in the following two weeks.

We know that a lot has been going on in Brooke Logan’s life currently.

So she will love the support of her father.

Stephen will get to hear all about how Ridge Forrester broke Brooke’s heart and even sent a divorce papers.

Given the fact that Taylor Hayes and Ridge’s wedding is approaching near, Stephen might understand that Brooke doesn’t want to be there.

So might the Logan father advice some kind of getaway for Brooke alone?

He may think that Brooke needs some time off. ‘

She has been through a lot and she has shared a wonderful time with her husband in her cabin.

So it is definitely going to be very traumatic to stay at the same house without the memories haunting.

Hence, Stephen might suggest Brooke travels back with him and his girlfriend.

They can help take Brooke’s mind off of her horrific and devastating break.

Possible Getaway.

Whatever the case, Brooke is going to break down in the arms of her father as the other Logan sisters stay there for support.

Brooke will have such a heavy heart and the presence of her parent is exactly what she needs.

So, when the Logan patriarch returns, it is going to be a very lovely and emotional scene with Donna Logan, Katie Logan, Brooke, and Stephen.

Let us know down in the comments section if you are excited to see this comeback.

Now, , moving on, Brooke may also think about getting away for a while, it is always a good sign right?

I mean when Steffy Forrester went to ease her heart she found her husband back.

Now Brooke may not have the same kind of miracle but with the help of her father she may feel like she is ready to try to move on.

Or she may also feel like all she needs to and wants to do right now is kay in her bed and stay inside her home.

She doesn’t want to be a coward and run away just because Ridge is marrying Taylor.

Not to mention, Brooke may still feel deep down somewhere in her heart that her marriage to Ridge is not over yet.

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