The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Logans Make Wrong Choices When It Comes To Deacon?

It seems like The Bold and The Beautiful fans will soon get to see more Logan naysayers. As we know, Deacon Sharpe has been trying to enter Hope Logan’s life. And, Liam Spencer certainly doesn’t like Brooke Logan supporting her daughter despite knowing it’s wrong.

As always, Liam’s go-to friend, Steffy Forrester agrees that the Logans end up making things worse. And, their family invitation to Deacon could bring more chaos.

Likewise, the spoilers suggest Brooke will soon protect her ex-husband once again. So, let’s get right into the spoilers now, shall we?

Hope’s Persistence.

Starting with Liam, the guy has been relying on Steffy just too much. Whenever new info regarding Deacon arrives, he just runs towards her. And only if they didn’t have a twisted past, the fans didn’t need to worry.

Nevertheless, they both have a similar objective of getting rid of their partners’ parents. So, it’s fine as long as they don’t cross the line and fall for each other.

The sole reason Deacon has been trying to get into the family is Hope’s adamant. She just wants her father no matter what it costs. Moreover, Hope is even willing to sacrifice her marriage for her lost father.

In addition, Brooke is supporting Deacon because she doesn’t want Hope to get hurt. But, is it true or she actually wants to reunite with her ex?

Ridge’s Savior Arrives!

Nonetheless, Liam and Steffy know the Logans have gone crazy over Deacon’s situation. Both Brooke and Hope are ready to give up everything. So even if they do get Deacon, will they be happy afterward?

The spoilers suggest Ridge Forrester will soon have a one versus one battle with Deacon. But, Brooke and Hope will arrive at the exact moment only to tell Ridge to stay out of their business.

Hence, Ridge could be riled to see even his wife is supporting another man. And, he will be disgusted to see what’s happening but backs off before making things worse.

The one thing fans are truly hyped about is Taylor Hayes’ return. Once she arrives in Los Angeles, she will create much drama for everyone. But, she could also prove that not every woman in the show is evil.

So, do you think Ridge will want a reunion with Taylor? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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