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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Nick Marone Returns? Brooke’s New Romantic Interest.

I think it is the perfect time for Nick Marone to return; he certainly would be a needed addition to The Bold and The Beautiful world.

Now that Ridge Forrester really thinks he and Brooke Logan should move on and find new partners and happiness in life, it would be wonderful to see Nick come back.

And, of course, fight for his part in Brooke’s life.

Bill Spencer is one strong candidate in Brooke’s life right now.

And it is safe to say that Deacon Sharpe doesn’t fight back, and Ridge just leaves and doesn’t turn back; Brill is inevitable.

And while a lot of fans would love to see that, many would enjoy seeing Nick back as well.

Not to mention, Nick and Brooke share a child together, so the bond certainly will be pretty strong.

Brooke & Nick

Nick’s Past.

Certainly, Nick and Brooke’s journey has not been that easy either.

Brooke’s lovers have had some kind of connection to Bridget Forrester and Tayloe Hayes though huh.

It’s very unethical and kind of gross, but this is the soap world we are talking about.

Nonetheless, at first, when Nick arrived in LA, he came from a shipwreck with the family name of Payne.

He and Brooke started a romantic affair but it only field Ridge Forrester’s jealousy and the war then began.

Soon, it was revealed that Nick was actually Massimo Marobne’s son which made Ridge his half-brother.

But, as it has been seen for a very long time, Brooke chose her long-time lover Ridge and married him instead.

Soon, Ridge was presumed dead and the grief pushed Brooke to fall in bed with Nick.

But then it turned out Ridge wasn’t dead and then came the paternity drama.

After getting involved with Felicia Forrester, Nick married Bridget Forrester.

Poor Bridget gave birth to a stillborn child and also found out that her mom and her husband Nick were involved.

A battle for Brooke took place again and then as it ended, Nick began seeing Taylor Hamilton aka Taylor Hayes.

Nick and Taylor had a baby it later was revealed that Brooke’s egg were inserted unintentionally because Taylor’s was not viable.

That made Nick and Brooke’s Jack’s biological parents which spend Taylor into a drinking spiral.

Well, this still doesn’t end Nick infamous romance to all of the women in B&B.

But I am pretty sure his return would continue all of the left unfinished business.

That being said, now that Brooke is alone, IO feel like it would be the perfect tie for NIck to be back.

What about you?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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