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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Was Lied To – Donna Fixes Eric’s Crisis.

The Bold and The Beautiful’s latest storyline regarding Queric has been controversial. While Eric Forrester thinks it would be better if Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton get back to their business, fans hate the idea and are disgusted.

Nevertheless, could Donna Logan make things better for Eric. Also, that would prove Quinn was the one who failed to make Eric excited. And, we will also talk about suspicions over Eric being a con man. So, let’s get right into the spoilers, shall we?

It’s Not Love.

Getting into the spoilers, Quinn and Carter were shocked when Eric made the request. Moreover, the two would have never expected Eric would push them to make love to each other. Well, soaps are always unpredictable so this was gonna come one day.

However, Eric is doing so despite him not wanting it. But, he can’t help his erectile dysfunction either. And, he doesn’t want his disability to hold back a huge part of his wife’s life.

Nonetheless, the fans believe it would have been better if Eric had signed the divorce papers instead of dragging Quinn in this. Now, their marriage has been out of its place. Neither can Quinn just go ahead and make love with Carter nor can she look at Eric the same way.

In addition, Eric basically lied to Quinn by holding the truth till the very end. Maybe Eric thinks he loves his wife so he will let another man love her. But, is it really love that he did something so unfair to Quinn?

Problem Solved.

On the other hand, Donna has been ever so craving about Eric. And, she really wants to be with her ex-husband. Moreover, she has been so desperate that she only talks about it when meeting her sisters.

Likewise, Donna has mentioned to Katie Logan countless times that her dream is to be with Eric. And, Katie also thinks her sister would match with Eric. Also, Brooke Logan is just a Quinn naysayer so she will want any other woman to be with Eric instead of her.

This also brings us to think if Donna can prove more worthy than Quinn. Maybe Donna’s love and affection could reach Eric’s heart and fix his problem. Well, she also has a charming figure and Eric would definitely fall for it.

Moreover, Eric could let Quinn be with the man she has fallen in love with. And, he could be off with someone he can love in every way.

So, do you also think Donna could be the problem solver in Eric’s life? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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