The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge And Liam Won’t Let Deacon Get An Easy Pass?

Today, we will be talking about something that almost every fan agrees with. It’s been some time since The Bold and The Beautiful has brought back Deacon Sharpe. And we know, not a single character likes him.

Hence, we will be looking at how Deacon is being treated. And, we will also look at if it’s going to change anytime soon. Maybe he just needs to redeem himself by doing something.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers, shall we?

Ridge Fights For Love.

Starting with Ridge Forrester, the man just hates villains. But this time, it’s different as this also involves his love interest, Brooke Logan.

As we know, Deacon is Brooke’s ex-husband with whom she gave birth to Hope Logan. Just when Ridge was thinking it was smooth sailing afterward, Deacon crushed his dreams. And now, things have worsened.

Deacon’s presence has created a huge uproar between Ridge and Brooke. While Brooke just wants Hope to be happy by giving Deacon another chance, Ridge doesn’t want to take the risk at all.

In addition, Ridge can’t overlook how Deacon has been working with Sheila Carter. That means, letting Deacon into the family will be the end of the Forresters.

Liam Gangs Up.

Meanwhile, Liam Spencer strongly supports Ridge. The only lethal enemy Liam has had in this show is Deacon as he tried to break Lope many times. And now, he has returned and Hope wants to reunite with him.

The spoilers suggest Liam could soon rely on Steffy Forrester to take care of Deacon’s drama. Both of them prioritize their children’s safety so they could convince Hope that inviting Deacon into the family is not a good idea.

Moreover, two ganging up on Hope could actually be a good idea. While Hope will shut down anyone if they have a one-on-one session, things could be different if Steffy and Liam try together.

Nonetheless, the fact that matters the most is if Deacon wants Hope to have such a hard time. If he really cares about Hope, he will know what he is doing is not good.

Perhaps, Liam and Ridge could start feeling different if Deacon took a step back.

So, do you think Deacon should be let into the family? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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