The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Confides In Steffy As Brooke And Hope Support Deacon.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Ridge Forrester will get a huge shocker soon enough. As Deacon Sharpe’s return has strongly affected Hope Logan, it might have also changed Brooke Logan’s feelings.

Likewise, the spoilers suggest Ridge will soon confront Brooke. But before we dive deeper, do you think Brooke actually wants to reunite with Deacon? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers, shall we?

Ridge Heartbroken.

As we know, the connection between Deacon and Hope is both ways. While Deacon wants to approach his daughter, Hope also wants her father to be part of the family again.

Nevertheless, the one thing Brooke is honest about in this world is her love for Hope. She will do anything to keep her daughter happy. Hence, she will also side with Deacon if she needs to.

However, it seems like there is more behind Brooke’s support for Deacon. Perhaps she still has feelings for her ex-husband and wants him back. And if that’s the case, Ridge could be doomed as his wife betrays him.

Moreover, things will get clearer when Ridge and Deacon end up in a fight. Just when Ridge visits the cabin, he sees Deacon just sitting. And, he will be furious and start confronting Deacon.

Nonetheless, Brooke and Hope arrive at the exact moment. And, the two demand Ridge to leave as he doesn’t have any business interfering with their relationship with Deacon.

Brooke Confesses?

Meanwhile, Ridge will be heartbroken to see his wife taking his enemy’s side. And, he will need someone to rely on so he will confide in Steffy Forrester. So, the father and daughter will bond with deep conversations.

Likewise, Steffy agrees with what Ridge has to say. She knows Deacon can’t be trusted but Brooke and Hope are falling for him. And, that could be a grave mistake letting a villain into the family.

Furthermore, Ridge isn’t willing to just give away his wife to Deacon. He will confront Brooke and ask her to talk about her feelings for Deacon. So, some bitter truth could be revealed soon.

Also, Ridge might not be Hope’s biological father but he cares about her. And, he will also want to do anything to protect them.

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