The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Furious As Deacon Shows Up At The Thanksgiving Party.

It seems like Deacon Sharpe will prove to be a huge party crasher during The Thanksgiving hosted by Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan. The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Deacon could arrive at the party despite not being invited.

Moreover, havoc is set on the party as everyone could start panicking. Anyway, fans can get thrilled about it as newer dramas will be brewing.

Also, how’s your Thanksgiving going guys? Share about it with us down in the comment section.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers!

Relieving Moment.

For starters, all of Ridge and Brooke’s children will be invited. Steffy Forrester will arrive with John Finnegan. And, Liam Spencer will attend the party with Hope Logan. Lastly, Zende Forrester will arrive with Paris Buckingham.

In addition, Carter Walton will finally be invited this year which is great news! And, the family will just be talking and joking around much stuff.

Likewise, Bridge made sure the party followed the traditional Thanksgiving spread of turkey and all the trimmings. Also, the family will take the moment to relieve themselves from all the problems that have been going on.

However, Thomas Forrester will be missing as he’s heartbroken and embarrassed by Paris’ rejection. Also, the fans can expect more drama to take place between them soon.

Nevertheless, we will be focusing on the party crash today. Because that will definitely ruin everything that’s going on.

Party Gets Ruined.

Meanwhile, Deacon will be drinking booze with Sheila Carter. And, the two will most likely complain about how their lives have been so unfair. While Bridge gets to enjoy their luxurious lives, the two can’t even spend time with their kids.

Hope and Finn definitely wish their parents were invited. And once the drinks are over, Sheila will push Deacon to take the charge and head to Bridge’s place.

Deacon will be drunk and furious that he can’t be with his daughter. So, he will easily be pursued to go and make their dream come true.

Likewise, no one will expect Deacon would actually show up at the party. And, Deacon’s arrival will be shocking for everyone. But, things won’t go well as Ridge will be furious to see Deacon trespassing.

Hence, the party could turn into a warzone as Deacon and Ridge lash on each other.

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