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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: RJ Returns- Stirs More Trouble For Ridge.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think how The Bold and The Beautiful would change if the writers decided to bring back some characters that they’ve left behind.

For example, RJ.

This seems to be the perfect time for Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan’s son to come back to town.

The past year has been crazy in B&B.

Many storylines have been erased from their existence, and so has been some characters.

At this point, it might be that Ridge Junior, aka RJ, is not even in existence anymore.

Whatever the case, if he is still on their minds, it might be possible for RJ to come back and begin some feud with him.

The way Ridge just threw Brooke’s love away and their marriage away is just unbelievable.

So perhaps this is the perfect time for RJ to make his comeback and confront Ridge.

He may also tell Ridge that he doesn’t want to be a Forrester anymore.

And if Ridge can throw away his marriage so fast and not trust Brooke even a bit.

Then he, too has all the rights in the world to not be known as a Forrester in his name.

The feud would be a little chaotic.

A Son’s Wrath.

But I feel like as long as Brooke doesn’t not use RJ to throw shade on Taylor Hayes and her family, it will be all good.

Besides, Ridge has thrown RJ away as if he doesn’t mater anyway.

It seems at this point that he only has two children, Steffy Forrester and Thomas Forrester.

Also, we have seen enough of revenge and love triangles in the soap series.

Hence, a change in pace is certainly going to be wonderful.

A child fighting for his mother’s heart that his father broke for no reason.

And finally, standing up against his biasness toward his children it will be something The Bold and The Beautiful fans have not seen before.

I mean common, even if the children felt unfair, the most they’ve done in this soap series is hate someone else and doted on the father wo causes pain.

It will be even better if Steffy joins this war and tells Ridge that he can’t play with her mom like that as well.

Enough is enough.

But knowing Steffy that probably won’t happen.

Anyway, let us know what you think about the situation in the comments below.

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