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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Attacks Amid Thomas’ Downfall- Daisy Carter Returns.

Sheila Carter might be ready to strike the Forrester clan right when they are in the most vulnerable state.

Soon everyone, not just the Forresters but also the Logans, are going to be very distracted with Thomas Forrester’s secret revelation.

Right then, Sheila may strike so that everyone is taken back by surprise.

Sheila’s Help.

The madwoman is currently hiding in Deacon Sharpe’s apartment.

And she was not really thinking about the outer world so much before Deacon took her to Il Giardino.

That one romantic night might have set Sheila back to her tracks.

Also, Sheila thinks she can make John Finnegan forgive her.

Over the years, this criminal mastermind has always gotten away with everything.

From getting incarcerated in a prison cell to confinement in a psychiatric facility, Sheila has never had to pay the price for her crimes.

Which is why she thinks she has a good chance of having a normal life.

In the same way, Deacon reminds Sheila of how dangerous it is and he dream is almost impossible to happen.

But with the holidays approaching, Sheila will feel lonely again and she will remember what it’s like having a family.

Or how much she wants one.

Especially if Hope Logan invited Deacon over to celebrate with her.

Soon enough, once the secret is out, Sheila will find out about the havoc that Thomas created.

It will be as if he just gave Sheila another push to do something for herself.

That being said, Daisy Carter may come back to town and see her mother Struggling.

Hence, she may agree that Sheila deserves a chance and so, she might help her mother with the evil plans.

With the help of Daisy, Sheila may get a boost to go and visit Hayes Finnegan and hold him in her arms during the holiday season.

Not to mention, that will only fuel her desire to have him in her arms forever.

Also, not just Daisy but Sheila claims she has tons of money with her, so she definitely seems to have a powerful supporter.

With all that in mind, it seems that Sheila is certainly going to take advantage of Thomas’ stupid little plan.

Nonetheless, it’s about time Sheila comes back to her senses and does something evil to blow our minds.

As much as we hate the evil character, she certainly is someone we need in the show.

What do you say?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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