The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila’s Plan Ruined As Steffy Blackmails Finn To Keep Things In Control.

It’s been some time since poor John Finnegan has been facing marriage issues due to his evil mother. Moreover, Sheila Carter’s return in The Bold and The Beautiful has made Finn’s married life a huge mess.

In addition, the spoilers suggest Steffy Forrester will threaten Finn by not signing the marriage certificate. So before we dive deeper, do you think it’s Finn’s fault that Steffy hasn’t let their marriage get official? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Sinn’s Past Danger.

Starting off with Sheila’s return appearance, she found no other perfect time than to blast her son’s wedding. As Finn and Steffy just took their vows, Shiela showed up and revealed the truth to Finn that she is his biological mother.

Likewise, Finn didn’t get a moment to process things before Steffy drew the line. She made it clear that Finn couldn’t have any connections with her. But, he ended up making contact with Sheila.

In addition, Steffy was furious and kicked Finn out of the house. Also, she declined to sign the marriage certificate to make their marriage official.

Nevertheless, Finn made the tough choice of abandoning his mother despite all the manipulations. But, Sheila didn’t give up so easily and came back.

Recently, Jack Finnegan revealed the truth about his affair with Sheila. So, Finn has been overwhelmed and his perspective towards Sheila has changed.

Sheila’s Manipulation.

Moreover, Finn credits Sheila for pushing Jack to tell the truth. Otherwise, his liar of a father would have never revealed it as he kept the secret for more than two decades.

However, Steffy knows there was a reason behind Sheila pushing Jack. And, she knows Sheila wants to win Finn’s heart with all these schemes. So, she will have no other option than to blackmail Finn.

Steffy will blackmail Finn that he can’t make any contact with Sheila. And if he doesn’t listen to Steffy, she will never sign the certificate. At least, that’s what she will say to restrain Finn from getting close to Sheila.

Meanwhile, Sheila will tell Finn that she thinks it’s time she every bad thing comes out clean and gets forgiven. Also, she could be aiming to get her family back with Jack and Finn.

Nevertheless, Steffy will be strongly against Sheila and remind Finn that they should aim to get rid of her.

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