The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila’s Plan To Break Sinn Fails While Li Takes Her Revenge.

The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Steffy Forrester has been the biggest obstacle in Sheila Carter’s way. And, it seems like things could get more difficult for the villain as Steffy might get pregnant soon enough.

Meanwhile, Li Finnegan finally knows the truth about Jack Finnegan’s affair with Sheila. So, the fans are really excited to see the two mothers of John Finnegan fight each other.

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Steffy’s Pregnant?

Starting with Sinn, the couple’s life has been hellish ever since Sheila arrived. The two were on the verge of breaking as Finn wanted to reunite with his biological mother. But, Steffy was strongly against it.

Likewise, actress Jacqueline Maclness Wood has shocked the fans by making a pregnancy announcement. The star is a mother of two kids and is pregnant with her third baby.

That means there are two ways the show could play this out. Either Wood won’t be appearing at all or the plot will take place just like the reality with more spice. Hence, Steffy will probably get pregnant by Finn.

Furthermore, that will strengthen Finn’s bond with Steffy. And, Sheila’s plan of breaking the two will fail as she can’t brute force it. If she does, Finn will abandon her instead.

Therefore, Sheila might have to take a step back and think of another plan. But, Li might not let the villain find her new idea so easily.

Li Fights Sheila.

Ever since Sheila arrived during Sinn’s wedding, Li has had her eyes on her. She knows Sheila is a danger to her family. And, it has been proven many times.

Nevertheless, Li finally knows Sheila doesn’t just want to steal her son. But, she also wants to use Jack as her new puppet. And, Li definitely won’t let this happen. So, she will be highly motivated to have a showdown with Sheila.

However, we can’t forget Sheila’s past as she has eliminated many obstacles on her way. And, Li certainly won’t have an easy fight with the villain at all.

Lastly, Li is the mother who raised Finn and made him the man he is today. And, her intentions are purer than Sheila’s which makes her even stronger.

So, fans better prepare for the showdown that’s coming up soon.

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