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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Should Cyrus Come To LA?

Cyrus Renault is a crazy man in General Hospital.

Now, we know that General Hospital and The Bold and The Beautiful don’t really have a crossover.

Will Cyrus Come To LA?

To begin with, these two soap are to even televised in the same TV network.

And The Young and The Restless is the sister sudser, so that’s where all the collaboration takes place.

But what if we bring Cyrus to LA after his jailbreaks?

We know that Cyrus is a crazy man.

He’s inflicted so much horror upon the people of Port Charles and he is currently in prison, perhaps in Pentonville.

Sweet Deal.

We know that Cyrus is a cunning man, much like Sheila Carter.

So, might it be possible for Sheila and Cyrus to have had a connection at some point?

It would certainly be shocking.

Cyrus needs to come out of prison but he can’t stay at Port Charles at least for some time.

He’s a serial killer and has already escaped prison before.

Sheila is not unknown to the world of violence and she’s a master of manipulating the prison herself, might be even better than Cyrus here.

So, if, in any way, Cyrus and Sheila had contact, maybe they have a plan for Cyrus’ jail break.

Sheila may be thinking of using Cyrus in her plan in LA to take her son and grandson back.

She may love Deacon Sharpe and he may be an ex-convict, but we know and she knows that he won’t be up for the job.

So, how great would it be to see Sheila help Cyrus break from jail and land in LA without any inconvenience.

While Cyrus then comes to LA, Deacon gets busted with hiding not one but two convicted felons, and finally they do what they have to do here.

Then, Cyrus can go back to GH and Sheila someone in the country.

I think it will certainly be very exciting.

Especially because Sheila’s evil deeds have been slowed down.

And we think a partner in crime is exactly what Sheila needs.

Therefore, who better than Cyrus the maniac himself to inflict horror in LA?

That would certainly be a scary duo now see they’re both extremely dangerous.

Anyway, what do you think?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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