The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Someone Is Up To Something Foul- Taylor vs. Brooke, Who Betrays The Other?

In the recent episode, we witnessed Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes celebrating their independence.

They’re happy to have let go off Ridge Forrester and his waffling techniques.

But it doesn’t seem like this will last for long.

Given the history the three of them carry.

It’s almost as if it’s their actual fate to be entangled with each other.

That being said, it is possible for Taylor or Brooke to betray one another.

Now that they’re celebrating with cake and what not, they’ve practically made a sisterhood bond.

Something like Ridge is never going to take their dignity again; they’ll never allow him back into their lives anymore.

But Taylor and Brooke both are so much in love with this man.

Taylor’s waited for him for decades; she didn’t really date for long, especially not a long-term thing.

And Brooke has gone through so much with Ridge as married partners.

They’ve learned to be together and stick together through every thicks and thins.

Someone is bound to give up easily.

So who might it be?

Taylor Hayes.

It’s possible that Taylor gives up and reunites with Ridge.

She still belives that Ridge did love her, but Thomas Forrester was only a factor that pushed his decision further.

But it also seems unlikely due to the fact that she was literally running away from him in Aspen when Ridge decided to chase her down.

And Taylor really should have had enough at this point.

She has too much of emotional damage to betray Brooke and go for Ridge.

Brooke Logan.

Of course, Brooke belive she and Ridge are destiny, a match made in heaven.

She certainly hoped that they’d be together forever.

But she falls into bed a little too easily.

I like her, I do, but I also agree to the fact that it’s easy to get in Brooke’s pants.

Which is why, she may betray Taylor and their promise and make her way straight to Ridge’s bed.

However, given the consequences, it is possible that Brooke will never let her guard down in front of Ridge.

Because if she does, he’s going to take advantage if the situation.

So, Brooke might not be so easily swayed this time, either.

But given Brooke and Ridge’s history, they will most likely end up together by the end.

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