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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Confronts Ridge- Donna and

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest a huge emotional rollercoaster awaits the Tridge family.

That is, Ridge Forrester will make a confession regarding the CPS call which will leave Steffy Forrester with many questions.

In fact, Steffy will reach a point where she questions herself if Ridge had ever thought of choosing Taylor Hayes.

Because if Brooke Logan had accepted the blame, Ridge would still be with her.

Speaking of which, Katie and Donna Logan will also try finding answers with the littlest clues they currently have.

So without further ado, let’s see what we have in the story today, shall we?

Steffy’s Realization.

Unlike Thomas Forrester, Steffy believes the only reason her parents reunited is that they were just meant to be.

But as we know, the fact is, Ridge dumped Brooke because he feel betrayed regarding the CPS call.

And even though Douglas Forrester knows the truth, Thomas is making sure the kid keeps quiet.

Nevertheless, Ridge’s confession about hearing Brooke’s voice on the recording will put Steffy in a dilemma.

Moreover, Steffy will surprise Ridge with a question if he would have stayed with Brooke if she had been honest.

Not to mention, things would be completely different if Ridge forgave her for coming clean.

Nonetheless, Steffy will now believe that her father’s attention toward Taylor is only a reaction and nothing more.

Eric Helps Logans.

Well, little does Steffy know that too isn’t going to last very long, as the truth is on its way to come out.

To clarify, the Logan sisters are trying to crack the code about why Ridge dumped Brooke.

In addition, they certainly want to know how it was the perfect time for Ridge to start chasing Taylor.

And while Brooke is mourning her biggest loss, Katie and Donna will investigate the overall situation.

Since Donna did have some quarrel with Thomas recently, there’s a huge chance she could direct her attention toward him.

Also, Donna could take Eric Forrester’s help to get a deeper look into Brooke’s crisis.

Speaking of which, Eric has always been good to Brooke.

So, he may go to any extent to help the Logans, which could only brew more trouble for Thomas.

Well, do you think the Logans have what it takes to find the truth?

Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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