The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Fixes Both Her Son And Ex-Husband’s Problems.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Taylor Hayes’ return will involve lots of drama. But, one good thing about it is Thomas Forrester might get some aid to find the woman of his life.

As we know, the rumors about Taylor’s return started when Thomas finally moved on from Hope. So, it will be really interesting to finally see how Taylor helps her son.

However, we can’t forget Taylor will also have her own fight for love with Brooke Logan. And perhaps, she could be the person to patch up Ridge Forrester’s broken heart.

Taylor Redirects Thomas.

Before moving into the spoilers, let’s dive back into the past. Fans might remember the time Thomas went to find the purpose of his life. And, it was mentioned Taylor guided her son to be a better man.

Likewise, this proves Taylor is a good mother and wants to see her children happy. So, fans can be relieved as she will definitely reconnect with Thomas.

Nevertheless, Thomas’ obsession has returned and he can’t differentiate between right and wrong. And now, he has been eyeing his own cousin’s girlfriend. But, that certainly won’t lead to a good end.

Hence, Taylor will need to redirect Thomas to have a clearer view. Also, she will be proud of her son for trying to love again despite not being successful in his previous attempt.

Fight For Ridge.

Nonetheless, if Taylor sees how devoted Thomas is to winning Paris Buckingham, she could also encourage him to make moves at the right time. Since Paris and Zende Forrester aren’t really strong, they could break any moment.

In addition, the spoilers suggest Paris and Zende will be hitting some snags in their relationship. So if they can’t get through, Taylor will be her son’s matchmaker. And, she could match Thomas with Paris.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Ridge haven’t been doing good since Deacon Sharpe’s return. The two have been weak and Brooke could dump Ridge as she is too stressed.

Furthermore, that could leave Ridge heartbroken. And since Taylor has always loved him, she could be his savior. And, she might also kick Brooke from Ridge’s life and never let her return.

So, who do you prefer to see with Ridge? Brooke or Taylor? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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