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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Goes Ballistic- Ridge Pushes Her Off The Cliff Protecting Brooke.

Taylor Hayes is going to face one of the biggest blows she’s ever had.

Maybe the betrayal is not so new but we know everyone ha their limits and Taylor seems to be running out of her’s.

No matter how much Ridge kept on pulling her in when all he wanted was a replacement making all that false promises, Taylor still made no sound, went away quietly.

But now that when she was finally ready to move on he came saying all the right things making all the right promises.

Confirming her that he actually loves her and it’s nothing about hoe she feels.

He’s going to make the same mistakes.

It is only a matter of time until Thomas Forrester’s secret comes out in the open.

And on recent episodes, we have witnessed Ridge Forrester still looking disappointed and not so happy about everything that he si starting with Taylor.

So, within the matter of weeks, or months in our time, Ridge will be back to Brooke Logan.

I mean he is going to visit Brooke on his wedding day as well so there’s nothing much left to say about his waffling habits.

Nonetheless, this recent blow might be too much for Taylor to handle.

And hence, she may bring out her gun again.

Perhaps Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor will be seen on a cliff where Taylor will be on the dangerous side.

She’s going to yell and cry out loud ask Ridge why he does this to her and blame Brooke for always butting in her happy days.

And when it seems like Taylor is charging towards Brooke, or about to fire her gun on Brooke.

Ridge may do the impulse reflex.

And at the end, we may see Taylor falling down a cliff due to Ridge.

Certainly things will start going south for Bridge again if that happens because Ridge will want to stay beside Taylor’s hospital bed at any time.

And he is certainly going to blame himself, it’s not that Taylor was Sheila Carter, she still loved and cared about her.

But he also wanted to protect Brooke and he doesn’t know how a small push just took Taylor down the cliff.

Worst comes to worse, Taylor’s body may never be found due to the height, or even if found, she may die.

So, let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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