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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Postpones The Wedding- Recent Revelation Gives Second Thoughts.

I guess it is not just me, you guys, too, saw the look on Taylor Hayes’ face when Ridge Forrester revealed what actually happened with him and Brooke Logan.

I am pretty sure she’s baffled and feels like she fell right where she didn’t want to, but that’s just where we are now.

Ridge and Taylor were about to get married as soon as possible, but by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like the wedding is taking place so soon.

Taylor will have to clear her head, that is for certain.

So, she may talk to Ridge and tell him that she wants to postpone the wedding for some time.

I mean all of us remember what Ridge did to get her back.

She had finally made her mind to move on but he came there making all these fake promises.

She asked him and told him numerous time that if it’s about betrayal then she doesn’t want to be in this relationship again.

And he lied one more time.

So that woman is bound to be furious.

Anyway that being said, might this be a tactic from the writers for the upcoming storyline?

We know that Thomas Forrester’s secret is going to be out sooner or later.

But it will take a little while, though.

Taylor’s Decision.

Since big things only happen during weddings in a soap series, we believe as Thomas’ plot continues, Tridge’s wedding stalls.

Until it’s time for the big reveal.

It is always possible that the wedding goes unhinged and then things happen later.

But then Ridge and Taylor will have to go to all that divorce and whatnot.

And that is something The Bold and The Beautiful hasn’t done.

Coming back to Taylor, she’s certainly going to be extremely disappointed and mad.

I mean if I were Taylor, I would be so mad that I’d even call the wedding off.

And now see, that would be a better choice, but B&B is not known to be rational.

Especially the women Taylor and Brooke, they’re blinded by love for Ridge and they’re always going to be.

So, I bet Taylor will dump Thomas just for this.

Nonetheless, I do think Taylor may want to take a small break before moving forward with her future to Ridge.

What about you?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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