The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Will Soon Replace Brooke’s Place In Ridge’s Life.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Bridge has gotten weak ever since Deacon Sharpe arrived. And, it seems like Brooke Logan will soon get in a dilemma whether she should move on with Ridge Forrester or get back to her ex.

Likewise, it’s possible Ridge could get dumped for his anger towards Deacon. But, Taylor Hayes could soon return and be the missing piece of his heart. And, she could also make it so that Brooke won’t be able to return to Ridge’s life again.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers, shall we?

Brooke Blows Up.

As we know, the show has been bombarding with love triangles. Just a moment ago, Quinn Fuller was fighting Donna Logan for Eric Forrester. And now, Thomas Forrester has turned enemy against Zende Forrester to win Paris Buckingham.

Nevertheless, we are also getting a love triangle between Ridge, Deacon, and Brooke. And, the Thanksgiving party could end up worse for Ridge. While he thought everything was going well, Deacon showed up.

Furthermore, Deacon will strengthen his bond with Hope Logan. And, Brooke might not be able to ignore how good the two are patching up.

Meanwhile, Ridge will keep on complaining about how Hope let Deacon into her life. Eventually, there will come a time Brooke will just blow up. And, she could break up with Ridge.

Taylor’s Back!

Nonetheless, Ridge will be shocked to see how sensitive Brooke has been getting over Deacon. And, he definitely won’t like it and will be heartbroken.

That’s when savior Taylor could return and fix Ridge’s, broken heart. As we know, the two never split because they wanted to. But, Sheila Carter was the one who did so. And now, Taylor could return to her ex-husband’s life as Brooke’s gone.

Fans can expect Krista Allen to make her return appearance on December 10. And, she will bring a lot of drama. Also, Ridge will be grateful to have his wife back and he could look forward to rekindling their fire.

It will also be really interesting to see if Brooke gets jealous after seeing Taylor taking care of Ridge better.

So, who do you prefer between Brooke and Taylor to be Ridge’s love? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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