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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: The CPS Call Was Fake- Thomas Used Friends To Deceive Ridge.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest a huge twist is waiting for the fans.

Yes, you heard right.

We are all aware of Thomas Forrester’s CPS call to frame Brooke Logan.

However, spoilers suggest it might have never been the CPS to start with.

Instead, Thomas fooled everything by making his friends act as the CPS and record the call.

Moreover, we might have missed some hidden clues during Ridge Forrester’s call to a CPS agent.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at these clues and unveil the truth, shall we?

Where’s The Badge?

Starting with the CPS detectives’ first arrival, it was suspicious how they didn’t flash a badge when it’s a must for any authority to do so.

Well, that can only mean those detectives weren’t real and they forgot to bring fake ones with them.

Nevertheless, things got even more interesting after Ridge’s conversation with a CPS agent.

That is, the CPS agent acted like he was hesitant to let Ridge hear the recording, as his job will be in danger.

However, he eventually agreed and took out the wrong phone.

Afterward, he emphasized taking out his “work phone” and played the recording.

Even if Ridge’s underhand man would have shared some information, a real CPS agent would never let people hear the entire recording, would they?

Thomas’ Loopholes.

Nonetheless, the suspicious thing here is how the guy even has that recording on his phone when it’s the dispatch who picked up the CPS call.

Because certainly, the recording is done in the system and not someone’s “work phone” or so.

Not to mention, there’s never a need to disclose the caller’s name while leaving a tip.

Yet, the recording shows Brooke told the CPS her name, who would have never done something as dumb as this.

Also, if it was really Brooke, she would have told her full name was Brooke Forrester and not Logan.

While Thomas might be someone who forgets these itty bitty details, Brooke is not someone who does so.

And that brings us to believe that those CPS detectives may be no one else but Thomas’ friends.

So, do you now believe that Thomas might have fooled us all?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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