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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas’ Backup Plan- Tridge’s Wedding Bombshell.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Thomas Forrester is still not done with Brooke Logan despite her signing the annulment papers.

Moreover, he will soon set another CPS call scandal for Brooke when the time is right.

Whereas Ridge Forrester will plan to remarry Taylor Hayes, as they get full support from Thomas and Steffy Forrester.

While the Tridge family celebrates their family reunion, Bill Spencer will comfort Brooke who is mourning her marriage.

So before we dive deeper, do you think this is really the end for Bridge?

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Tridge’s Wedding Plans.

Starting with the Tridgesters, seeing Bridge officially come to an end, they will believe everything is falling into place, at least for their family.

However, Thomas isn’t done yet, as he plans to frame Brooke once again.

This time will be different, as his new plan is all about insurance policies to keep his secret safe.

Meanwhile, Ridge will convince himself that Taylor is his true happiness.

As a result, he will rush the wedding plan by sealing the deal on his annulment.

In addition, Ridge will be determined to put his love for Brooke behind him and focus on the next chapter of his life.

Likewise, Thomas and Steffy could gossip about their parents’ wedding and how it’s a good thing Brooke’s out of their lives.

Thomas’ Close Call.

Speaking of which, Brooke will be heartbroken after realizing she isn’t going to convince Ridge no matter what.

While mourning her relationship with Ridge, Bill will give her a shoulder to rely on.

Not to mention, Hope Logan will have a keen eye on Thomas since his kiss attempt has put her guard up.

In fact, spoilers suggest this could lead to a huge Thomas bombshell, as he will have a close call with getting caught.

Nevertheless, fans will also get to see whether Thomas’ new plan saves him from trouble.

Perhaps his ticking bomb will distract everyone and save his dirty secret from coming out.

Well, the upcoming episodes are bound to get intense, as Tridge’s wedding nears and Brooke freaks out to put a stop to it.

So, fans will have to wait and watch whether Brooke manages to stop Tridge at the last moment.

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