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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Goes To Jail- Mystery Man Helps Tom Flee.

One thing The Bold and The Beautiful has taught us is that never let someone who deserves punishment get away freely.

Otherwise, villains like Sheila Carter and Thomas Forrester will strike back again and it will be much harder.

And the reason we are talking about that is Thomas is very close to getting busted with the CPS call.

So if the show doesn’t punish him enough this time, things could go way worse than ever.

But before we dive deeper, what do you think will happen once Thomas gets caught?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Lina Approaches Thomas.

As we know, the most logical thing to do once Thomas gets caught is to throw him in prison.

However, the show certainly can’t let such an evil person disappear quietly.

Hence, spoilers suggest, even if Thomas does get behind bars, he will return with chaos to strike at everyone.

For starters, Thomas could find himself a new friend in prison who comes to visit him.

And if you have guessed it right, “Lina” could be the mystery woman who approaches Thomas and forms a pact.

Perhaps Sheila’s new plan could be to get Thomas out of jail and team up with him.

But the bigger twist is, Sheila could manipulate him against his own family by saying things as they loathe him.

Since Thomas’ state of mind is way distorted, he might just give in to Sheila’s manipulation.

Sheila Packs Up.

Nevertheless, Sheila could start off by confiding in Thomas by sharing John Finnegan’s denial of her.

And, she could reveal that she’s planning to kidnap both Finn and Hayes Finnegan and take them far away.

Afterward, the only option Finn will have is to accept her mother.

And right when Thomas questions what’s in it for him, Sheila could take Hope Logan’s name.

Moreover, just like Sheila wants to kidnap her children, she will suggest Thomas do the same with Hope.

Not to mention, she could also manipulate Thomas into kidnapping both Douglas Forrester and Beth Spencer.

Also, let’s not forget about Sheila’s latest crush, as she clarifies Deacon Sharpe will be also coming along.

Well, this surely seems like a fever dream, as all the villains are working together to create their own paradise.

Therefore, fans better buckle up for these crazy upcoming storylines.

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